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What We Do And How We Can Help

What We Do And How We Can Help

| March 24, 2020
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Would you hand over your house keys to a stranger? That’s often what it feels like to work with a financial advisor. Not only do you need to find someone you can trust with your finances, arguably one of the most important parts of your life, but it also means taking the first steps in a relationship that will hopefully span for decades. That’s not something you want to jump into blindly. 

At T.A. Holland & Co., we understand how big a decision this is. That’s why we wanted to introduce ourselves and give you a glimpse into how we work, how we care for our clients, and how we can help you.

Who We Are

In a nutshell, we create practical risk management solutions to help you accumulate and preserve wealth through both our insurance and financial services. With a 100-year history, we have seen it all: highs and lows, good times and bad. Our cumulative experience and cutting-edge financial solutions help you meet your financial and life goals. And we do this by putting you first. Our number-one priority is to get to know you, understanding your needs, dreams, fears, and worries so that we can help you make informed decisions and craft a plan tailored to your unique life. 

As a family-run business, we are proud of the lifelong relationships our firm is known for, and we love doing our part to enhance your lives. 

Meet Our Financial Services Team

Our senior vice president, John Hellmuth, has been at the helm of T.A. Holland’s financial services since 1990, but he doesn’t do this job alone. He is joined by his two children, Lindsay Hellmuth and Thomas Hellmuth. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) practitioners, our financial services team has the knowledge and experience to help you solve your most pressing financial challenges. 

What We Do

T.A. Holland & Co. is a unique combination of independent financial and insurance firms. Since most of our clients are already familiar with our insurance services, we want to highlight the comprehensive suite of financial services we offer. We strive to actively assist you in meeting your financial and life goals and take the complexity out of managing your finances. We leave no stone unturned as we examine your needs and customize our services to assist you with retirement planning, college funding, estate planning, investment management, and wealth protection strategies. 

Who We Serve

While we serve a wide range of clients, most of them are professionals, retirees, and business owners. We particularly enjoy working with multiple generations of clients, helping their children and grandchildren start saving, investing, and making financially sound decisions from an early age. 

Our clients put a lot of trust in us, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We believe our clients deserve honest and straightforward advice and service. Our decisions are based on knowing exactly what our clients seek to accomplish, and their needs always come first.

The T.A. Holland & Co. Difference

We’re proud to work so closely with our clients and build long-lasting relationships. We believe there are a number of reasons why our clients choose to work for us. For one, they trust us. We act in their best interests and have the knowledge and experience to shoulder some of their financial burdens. Second, as independent advisors, we’re able to search the marketplace and offer our clients the very best financial products without being pigeonholed to a particular fund family or company. Finally, we offer a personal touch. Our clients enjoy working with a small family-run practice. 

Our Goal For You

Through our services, experience, and mission, we hope to help our clients pursue greater confidence so they can sleep betterat night, not worrying about retirement or outliving their money down the road. Do you have confidence you are on the right path to achieving your financial goals? We would love to help guide you through every life stage and financial challenge that comes your way. Reach out to us at or 617-523-5656 to schedule a complimentary appointment so we can get to know each other.

About T.A. Holland & Co.

T.A. Holland & Co. was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1920 and serves individuals and businesses throughout the country with their financial needs. We provide cutting-edge financial services with a broad array of solutions to help our clients grow and preserve their wealth. And, as a fully independent insurance agency representing multiple companies, we work directly for you to offer all lines of personal and business insurance, striving to maximize your coverage while minimizing your costs. We have seen good and bad economic times. Throughout it all, T.A. Holland & Co. has thrived by always making the customer our number-one priority. We get to know you and understand your needs so we can provide you with the proper guidance and strategies. To learn more about how we can help you, visit our website and reach out to us to schedule a complimentary get-acquainted meeting.

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